Seeker, what do you search?

At the turn of the twentieth century a diaspora occurred. Hundreds of Japanese left their shores to reach Peru. Once settled, cultures and cuisines mingled, and a style of cuisine we know today as Nikkei was born. CLAY is a celebration of that cuisine.

With Nikkei still being a young cuisine, most aren’t familiar with its tastes, though most are immediately converted upon trying them. Classic Japanese sushi is served, along with exciting CLAY interpretations encouraging exploration and beckoning discovery.

Become immersed in award-winning interior design, and find yourself in a space like no other, where every detail has been tended to in beautifully creative ways. The Ash Lounge at the back produces mixology displays not to be missed, cocktails that boggle the mind, and nights carried by skilled Djs.

Explore and discover with the award-winning CLAY ✺



  • Clay, Bluewaters Island, Dubai, UAE
  • The Terminal, Building 120, Yousif Ahmed Al Shirawi Road, Manama, Bahrain