Spaghetti alle vongole



Spaghettone / 100 gm
Clams / 200 gm
Olive oil / 40 ml
Red Chilli / 2 gm
Parsley / 1 gm
Bottarga / 12gm
Water / 100ml
White wine / 10ml
Lemon zest / 2gm
Lemon olive oil / 20ml
Garlic / 5gm


1) In a pan open the clams with olive oil,chopped chilli, minced garlic, white wine and water.
2) Take out the clams from pan and marinate with parsley and olive oil and keep aside.
3) At meantime drop the pasta in boiler and cook according to time on packet.
4) Transfer the pasta in pan , and cook in the oil mixture left from opended clams at step 1 and add some clams meat.
5) Finish the pasta with lemon zest, bottarga.
6) Transfer the pasta in plate and garnish around with clams shell.

NOTE:-  Do not cook bottarga for long, always add it in last.