We can’t say no to Greek food-from feta to gyros, we are huge fans of the flavorful cuisine. Taverna Greek Kitchen invited us over for dinner on a balmy summer night and we braved the heat and walked through the alleys of Madinat Jumeriah to access the restaurant.

Tucked away in the souk and overlooking the waterway, we were surprised to see that the place was buzzing even during the quiet summer months. The open kitchen was full of activity and most of the tables were already occupied.

The interior is inspired by modern Greece, with white washed walls, exposed wood, neutral tones and accents of tarnished copper. The casual atmosphere has a very inviting appeal and put us at ease immediately. The menu is extensive but before we even had a chance to browse it a basket of warm-from-the-oven pita bread with olive oil and olives arrived at our table.

This was soon followed by a very vibrant tray of cold starters to pick from-our choice was the tirokaferi- Greek Feta cheese purée with fresh red chilli & paprika and taramosalata-a creamy fish paste with olive oil and salmon roe.It wouldn’t be a Greek meal without a refreshing salad.

The colorful Santorinia salad with heirloom tomatoes, fresh Anthotyro cheese, caper leaves, oregano & extra virgin olive oil was an absolute treat!One of our favorite dishes of the night had to be the beautifully whole grilled fish that was topped with a light butter and lemon sauce. The spicy beef and lamb meatballs were also exceptionally good.