SĀN Beach

West beach

SĀN Beach

Inspired by and named after Africas first people, the San, a legendary indigenous people who live in harmony with nature, SAN Beach Dubai is experimenting with the potential of experience and the transference of energy.

Experience can transform. Heal. Soothe. Invigorate. Connect. Daily acts — from a meal prepared with intention to a tea ceremony to a performance — may serve to ground, uplift, or reconnect us, as meaning-makers of a global community.

Reminiscent of iconic destinations such as Scorpios in Mykonos, SĀN Beach is set to be a new way of being, doing, performing and hosting in Dubai. We hope to activate a spiritual retreat that compels all of the senses and allows visitors to take a deep breath, ground themselves and restore with renewed energy. Energy that is carried across Dubai and beyond. SĀN restaurant is a spark.