At Food Fund International (FFI) we focus on wealth creation in culinary businesses for our investors throughout our brands. Our strict adherence to management methodologies have earned the group a reputation of delivering superior return on investment to all its investors on a consistent basis over the past 12 years.

Today we have a global presence of several outlets including multiple units in the Middle East, South Africa and UK. FFI’s objective is to build a substantial base of restaurants internationally with more projects being signed up and new brands under development.

The passion for “delivering the Usual in an Unusual way” permeates throughout the organization which is show-cased within our customer-centric approach.

People, we believe, are the key success of the brand. We take the responsibility to manage the units and hence do not franchise our brands. Our business model is based on a joint venture with the investor. This ensures that the world over we offer customers the same quality they expect on a consistent basis. Looked at objectively this is a win-win situation for both the parties. The investor benefits from the association with a world class brand with a proven international track record which eliminates many of the risks involved in start-up F&B businesses.

Investor Relations Contacts

Johnny Tomazos
Chief Executive Officer
Mobile UAE: +971 50 206 1831
Mobile UK: +44 75 455 93040
[email protected]

Paulo Pinto
Head of Finance
Mobile: +27829239204
[email protected]

Sudhakar Maller
Financial & Secretarial Services Manager
Mobile: +971 50 559 5480
[email protected]