Food Fund International

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Food Fund was developed as a concept over 10 years ago by Costa Tomazos, the Chairman of Food Fund International, who started his F&B experience in the 1970s by opening one of the first steakhouse chains in South Africa.

Food Fund is a family-owned and run business, that now has several restaurants across the globe. All of our restaurants are people focused, recruiting only the best to deliver high quality, and inspirational food conceptsmanaged by outstanding teams.

As Chairman, Costa focuses on the strategic development of the group, combining all the elements of sound financial management with an exceptional amount of entrepreneurial flair, and consistently delivers viable concepts and solutions within the food industry – growing the Food Fund portfolio year on year, identifying new and exciting opportunities, and bringing them to life.

The Food Fund portfolio currently includes a number of independent F&B brands stretching across the globe in South Africa, UK, and Middle East.

The Food Fund portfolio currently includes independent F&B brands, situated across South Africa, the UK and the Middle East.